Sleazy Listenins

Mixes and recordings from the Vancouver based PenthouseBeats collective

PHB5 - BigTop - Air Guitar Punch Up


Big beats and ruckus

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Filetype: MP3 - Size: 87.28MB - Duration: 1:16:16 m (160 kbps 44100 Hz)

PHB4 - DJ BigTop - Filthy and Raw


Big banging beats selected by DJ BigTop from his Sept 2008 Top 10 Charts

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Filetype: MP3 - Size: 119.2MB - Duration: 1:26:48 m (192 kbps 44100 Hz)

PHB3 - Gaym Ovar - Sunshiney Techs


Gaym Over drops a 90 minute soundtrack to a sunny fall afternoon in Vancouver. Chilled out tech and tribal house that builds into a mid set punch and then back off into space...

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Filetype: MP3 - Size: 81.9MB - Duration: 1:29:27 m (128 kbps 44100 Hz)

PHB2 - Gaym Ovar - Stormfront


Starts off synthy and techy and runs off into grindy whoompy stuff and punk rawk... When i started playing I was watching an incoming storm front hit, so i was feeling mellow... then it cleared, and things got a little more lively.

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Filetype: MP3 - Size: 69.97MB - Duration: 1:16:26 m (128 kbps 44100 Hz)

PHB01 - DJ Rubix - Earwax


Kicking off the Penthousebeats Podcast series with Earwax, a house mix from DJ Rubix. This mix starts off in a classic house vein, then moves into clubbier grindy beats before drifting off towards prog in a brilliantly flowing bumping mix.

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Filetype: MP3 - Size: 98.2MB - Duration: 1:11:30 m (192 kbps 44100 Hz)

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